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BT Race To Infinity Gauges Demand For Super-Fast broadband

BT has launched its Race to Infinity survey, designed to urge communities to demand faster broadband speeds in their communities.

The campaign is a part of BT's strategy to generate excitement over its upcoming super-fast fibre-optic broadband services, and persuade people to vote to get the service in their area.

BT said that it would include 5 communities with the most votes in its nation wide broadband roll out, under which it plans to offer broadband to two thirds of British households by 2015.

The company has already determined key areas in which it plans to roll out fibre-based broadband services and has left it to eager Britons to decided the remaining five.

Residents wishing to vote for their area will have to visit the Race to Infinity website in order to cast their votes. The campaign will run until the end of the year.

BT's director for Wales Ann Beynon said in a statement to Cable: “It's vital for the country that residents take the time to complete this survey.”