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BT Seeks Adjournment On Piracy Case

BT has applied for a temporary suspension order on all new and current legal applications to obtain details on alleged file sharers involved in the ACS: Law case.

The UK-based telephony and broadband service provider is seeking a moratorium on all new and currently under process applications filed by law firms to obtain the personal details of people whose names have appeared in the leak of ACS:Law’s thousands of archived e-mails until a test hearing, BBC News reports.

"We want to ensure broadband subscribers are adequately protected so that rights holders can pursue their claims for copyright infringement without causing unnecessary worry to innocent people. The data leak with ACS:Law prompted to take further action today," a spokesman for BT told the BBC.

The lawyers for BT pleaded for an adjournment, citing the need to check the security system which will be used to store its consumer data post any order by the court. The hearing of the case has been postponed until 11 January next year.