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Drobo offers 16TB of self-healing back-ups

Santa Clara storage outfit Data Robotics, known to its close friends as Drobo, has announced an update to its award winning Drobo FS storage and backup hardware.

The DroboPro FS is aimed at small businesses and offers up to 16TB of secure back-up and file serving in a single box.

The base hardware is $2,000 but can be crammed with eight 3.5-inch SATA drives for $3,300. As you'd expect, there are a number of price points in between.

“We are reinventing storage solutions that meet the specific requirements of small business owners,” Drobo boss Tom Buiocchi claimed. “Your typical small business needs data storage and protection, but has limited budget and technical resources. We provide the smart alternative to the overly complex and expensive solutions being offered. The DroboPro FS delivers ease of use, functionality, and affordability that many small businesses did not know could exist in a single solution.”

The new hardware uses BeyondRaid technology and hot swappable drives to offer self-healing back-ups and has two gigabit ethernet ports for a network connection with built in redundancy. Talking of redundancy, Drobo has gone for a belt and braces approach whereby up to two drives can fail at any given time without causing an issue for users.

The 'self-healing' technology automatically moves data to unaffected drives in the event of a failure.

It also comes with custom backup software for Windows, Mac and Linux and is available now from a number of partners.