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Duke Nukem Forever demo materialises

A demo video of Duke Nukem Forever has tipped up on YouTube.

You never know it might mean the game exists and could one day see the light of day.

It's been 14 years since the Duke first uttered "Let's Rock!" in Duke Nukem 3D. Since then the franchise has shuffled from pillar to post to become the gaming world's biggest chunk of vapourware.

3DRealms swore it was working on the game until it shut up shop in 2009. Publisher, Take-Two, claimed it owned the publishing rights to the title, and development house Gearbox was said to have picked up the rusty baton.

We heard a rumour back in August that a playable demo would sprout up from the undergrowth some time around now. And whaddaya know? Here it is!

Naturally the vid below, which Neowin said was shown off by Gearbox over the weekend running on an XBox 360, is not really safe for work... depending on where you work, of course.