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Epic Games Rumoured To Be Buying APB

Epic Games may be on the verge of acquiring Realtime World’s All Points Bulletin (APB) title, gaming industry rumours suggest.

The rumours also hint that Realtime World’s creative director Dave Jones might relocate to the US for a senior executive position in the US-based firm, which is responsible for popular gaming titles like the Unreal franchise and Gears of War.

According to Scottish newspaper The Herald Scotland: “There is ... speculation that former Realtime creative director Dave Jones, creator of hits such as 'Crackdown' and 'Grand Theft Auto,' is moving to the U.S.”

“He has been linked with a senior post at North Carolina-based Epic Games, and is known to be a close friend of its chief executive Mark Rein,” it added.

The newspaper highlighted the news while covering a report about a number of Realtime World staff not receiving their severance packages after the company went into administration last month.

It is not certain what Epic Games would plan to do with APB, but Epic has claimed that its staff loves the platform, Fudzilla reports.