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Google announces TV partners

Empire-building digital superpower Google is getting closer to invading our living rooms as it announces the first wave of partners signing up for Google TV.

The search engine pioneer that ate the world has persuaded an impressive list of broadcasters to join its latest push into the hearts and minds of the gadget-buying public.

To name just a few of the American acronyms lending weight to Google's annexation of the idiot box, TBS, TNT, CNN, NBC, CNBC, HBO and the NBA have all signed up to the master plan.

You'll soon be able to watch Google-branded programmes on your Google-branded TV which is hooked up to your Google-branded set-top box whilst you stuff your face with Google-branded snacks wearing your Google-branded lounge slacks and breathing Google-branded oxygen while poking your fake Google friends on your Google-branded phone, no doubt.

Other outfits being indoctrinated into the Google mindset are Amazon and Netflix, which will be providing movies on demand, VEVO, Pandora and Napster which will be bringing the music to the party, and YouTube which will be bringing videos of piano-playing cats and skateboarders who will soon be singing soprano.

You'll also be able to browse the entire web, play Flash games and muck about with your own media.

Set-top boxes from Logitech and some Sony TVs are the first to get the Google TV treatment and you can see a preview of the service, which many believe will launch on October 17th, on Google TV's spanky new web site.

Despite all the sarcastic carping, we reckon Google TV will be a hit if they can keep the cost of the hardware and PPV/subscriptions down. At least it will be a potential foil to Murdoch's virtual monopoly on British satellite television if it ever makes the trip across the pond to Blighty.