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Google Chrome gains at IE's expense

Google's Chrome Web browser is still gaining market share mainly at the expense of Microsoft's Internet Exploder, according to the latest figures from Net Applications.

The click counters put Chrome's share at 7.98 per cent at the end of September, with Exploder once again having dipped below 60 per cent, dropping in at 59.65.

Chrome gained 0.46 per cent during the month while Microsoft's browser dropped by some three quarters of a percentage point.

Exploder has dipped below the 60 per cent barrier before, most recenlty in May of this year but had clawed its way back up to 60.40 per cent in August according to Net Applications' chart.

Net Applications figures had Firefox pegged at 22.96 per cent, a gain of 0.03 per cent during the month.

Apple's Safari also gained, rising to 5.27 per cent from 5.16 per cent at the end of August.

A year ago Chrome could lay claim to less than four per cent of the market, while Microsoft was closer to 64 per cent.

Ten years ago, Microsoft ruled the roost completely before allowing Firefox a foothold by creating sheer loathing in the marketplace by over pricing its products and stifling competition. Back then Chrome was barely a twinkle in some geek's eye.