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Hosted archive could stop ACS-style mail debacles

As British legal firm ACS Law found last week, failing to protect your email archive isn't just embarrassing - it can be seriously costly.

The company's loss of the details of more than 13,000 broadband subscribers following a hacking attack on its servers has drawn the attention of the UK's data protection watchdog, the Information Commissioner's Office - and the resulting investigation could end in a £500,000 fine for the beleaguered solicitor.

ACS Law isn't the only company storing a wealth of confidential information on its email servers. Most organisations hold customer data - not to mention information that could prove invaluable to competitors.

Now, data protection experts are advising businesses to get their email archive out of the office, and onto an off-site hosted service.

In a recent report, security firm Symantec pointed to the benefits of low upfront cost and scalable storage - with off-site data centre storage that provides simple and immediate access while ensuring you won't be faced with hefty fines over data protection compliance.

For more information on hosted email archiving, download Symantec's Hosted Email Archiving IT Manager's Guide from our sister site - and you could just save yourself a packet.

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