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Logitech To Offer HD Video Conferencing For Google TV

Logitech is set to launch new high definition video conferencing technology along with the Google TV hardware, as it plans to challenge dominant VoIP service provider, Skype.

Logitech, along with networking giant Cisco Systems, will soon take on Skype as both the companies are ready to launch a family version of their video conferencing system with a built-in camera, tech news website Uber Gizmo reports.

According to reports, Logitech use the technology it acquired after buying enterprise-based HD video conferencing technology maker LifeSize Communications. Logitech has been developing the technology further for past two years.

The technology will be compatible with Google TV, a service launching on Wednesday.

“We’re seeing changes in behaviour: the early adopters switch on the video when they wake up and turn it off when they go to bed, they keep it open as a window on their lives and another person’s life,” said Eric Kintz, general manager of video business unit at Logitech.