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MePlease Claims $2.06 In Funding

MePlease has claimed that it has increased its funding to $2.06 million since its launch in May last year.

The UK-based start up company MePlease enables users to receive discounts and promotional adverts from businesses and other brands with the help of social media services on web and mobile phones.

MePlease has revealed that it has raised at least $2.06 million in annual funding since its inception, reports Paid Content.

According to MePlease's PR team, the amount has come from former eBay top executive Gary Bengier, ex AOL exec Lisa Gansky, former iPod vice president at Apple Tony Fadell, leisure property expert Yaser Martini, former Accenture executive Richard Wildman, Investec investment banking chief David Currie and former Barclaycard boss Roger Alexander.

The company said that it meets expectations and is set to increase with time.

MePlease has been established by CEO Steve Jarrett, and has secured its first nation-wide promotional campaign with Pizza Express.