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Microsoft Showcases LightSpace

Microsoft Research has demonstrated new interactive computer technology LightSpace, designed to turn an entire room into an interactive 3D computer.

The new technology is capable of turning any normal surface, be it a simple wooden table, floor or walls, into an interactive computer which allows users to physically lift virtual objects, like a file, image or video and shift to another surface within the room.

Microsoft explained: “Instrumented with multiple depth cameras and projectors, LightSpace is a small room installation designed to explore a variety of interactions and computational strategies related to interactive displays and the space that they inhabit.”

Users will be able to pick up an object in their hands and transfer it to another person's hands or to different surface. They can also move the object by touching the area on which the object is currently on, and to the one they want it moved to.

The technology has been designed using Microsoft Surface and augmented reality technology.

The software giant's previous research project, Microsoft Surface, was an interactive table computer found in hotels and restaurants.