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Panasonic getting back into gaming

Panasonic is having another crack at the gaming market with a hand-held console.

Readers of a certain age will remember the Japanese electronics giant's first foray into gaming during the golden age of consoles. The company's 3DO hardware was a promising proposition in a crowded market which ultimately failed due to a ridiculously high price ($700 at launch in 1994) and a lack of decent software. It was also up against the might of Sony's PlayStation.

First spotted by Crunchgear, the Jungle features a clamshell design with a display on the top half and various controls on the horizontal surface. Initial reports that it would be powered by Google's Android OS have since been shot down and the smart money is now on a Linux operating system.

Reports say that the device's focus will be on cloud-based gaming and Battlestar Galactica Online has been mentioned in dispatches as one of the launch titles.

A video currently doing the rounds on Youtube offers little in the way of technical specifications but eagle-eyed hacks reckon they have spotted a mini HDMI port and USB in the rendered clip below.