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Twitter Announces Launch Of Promoted Accounts

Twitter has announced the launch of two new services, Promoted Accounts and compatibility with Google TV for its website.

The micro blogging website has launched Promoted Accounts for its platform, revealing that the service will recommend accounts to follow for users on the basis of the accounts they already follow, tech news site Boy Genius Report reports.

According to Tech Crunch in a post on its official blog, Twitter has announced that the service will also include Promoted Trends and Promoted Tweets for third party partners, and it will share revenues with them.

Twitter also announced that the service, along with partners, will be made available on the forthcoming Google TV, enabling users to view and share content found on Twitter.

“Tweets aren’t just about TV shows; they are part of them. [...] This is just the beginning of what could be possible at the intersection of Twitter and television. We’re excited to see what’s next,” the company has said.