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Windows Phone Gets Spotify

Spotify has now been made available on all devices running Windows 7, including the forthcoming Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft has announced that the European music streaming service is live on both its Windows 6 and 7 platforms for mobiles phone, reports the Telegraph.

The service, which can now be accessed by smartphone users for a subscription fee of £9.99 every month, will enable them to stream millions of music tracks over Wi-Fi or 3G connections, browse or play offline, sync files and shuffle their playlist. Users can access other features of the phone will running the service simultaneously.

"Spotify is a great example of software innovation emanating from Sweden and Europe. We're very glad to work in collaboration with Spotify to deliver a high quality, outstanding consumer experience on the Windows 7 and Windows Phone," said chief executive of Spotify Daniel Ek and Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer in a joint statement at Royal Institute of Technology at stockholom.

The service, which is highly popular in countries across Europe, can now be accessed on both the Windows Phone 6x and Windows Phone 7 operating systems.

Spotify has previously offered an app for Apple's iPhone, Google’s Android and Nokia’s Symbian platform.