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ACS:Law Keeps More Of Copyright Fines Than Rights Holders

A new report has revealed that ACS: Law kept nearly half of the total fine paid by alleged file sharers, while sharing the remaining with rights holder.

According to a research conducted by English daily newspaper the Guardian, ACS: LAW would keep nearly 40 per cent of the total amount paid by alleged file sharers, but shared only between 20 and 30 per cent of the fine with the copyright holders of the file shared.

The research has shown that the controversial solicitor’s firm would ask an individual web user to pay £300 in a letter accusing them of infringing upon copyrighted material.

Later the firm would keep £120 of the total settlement amount, and distributed only £60 or £70 with copyright holders.

The remaining amount would be given to the companies that identify a file sharer on web and notify the Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

On Monday BT was granted an adjournment to a court order to obtain details on alleged file sharers involved in the ACS:Law case.