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Amazon offers authors 70 per cent cut

Amazon has announced it is opening up its Kindle's 70 per cent royalty option to its UK store, so that authors and publishers can sink their teeth into the juicy revenues straight away.

The scheme is available as of today but is subject to certain rules as set by the bookseller. Basically you get the 70 per cent based on the fact that the book you are selling is your own work (as opposed to works built on public domain texts). You also have to guarantee that the publication fits a certain price bracket (£1.49 through £6.99), the price is at least 20 per cent lower than the paper version of said book (if any) and the book is made available in all countries to which the publisher has rights.

Amazon is currently charging 10p per megabyte (1024KB) of data as download costs and only then will you get to calculate your 70 per cent. By comparison, says Amazon, "on a £5.99 (VAT exclusive) book an author would make £2.10 with the standard option and £4.17 with the new 70 per cent option." It's a tempting deal if you're into online publishing and want to see your works on eReaders.

The scheme has been in place in the US market for a few months now, but the company has now deemed it acceptable to extend it to the UK store. The move will, Amazon hopes, strengthen the offer of Kindle DTP works in the UK over the next few months.