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Android Most Popular OS In US, Survey Finds

Google's Android OS has become the most popular smartphone operating system in the United States, surpassing BlackBerry OS and iOS, a new Nielson survey reveals.

The survey, which involved interviews from 1,744 recent smartphone buyers in the US, revealed that 32 per cent had purchased an Android device, while 26 per cent had bought a BlackBerry device. Apple's iOS managed to attract only 25 per cent of the buyers.

The research firm also surveyed 3,563 smartphone users, finding that while 31 per cent of them had a BlackBerry device, Apple's iOS and Android OS were undoubtedly gaining ground on it.

iPhone owners accounted for 28 per cent of the market, whilst 19 per cent went for an Android powered smartphone.

Google's Android has done what it has been threatening to do in the past few months, and that is to become the most popular OS in the US. A recent iSuppli research predicted that Android will surge past iOS in terms of market share before 2012 finishes.