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Apple iPad Has Fastest ever Adoption Rate, Analyst Claims

Apple’s iPad has managed to surpass the adoption rate of the first version of every other electronic gadget ever launched, an analyst has found.

Colin McGranahan, an analyst at Bernstein Research on Wall Street, has put up numerical data to show that Apple’s tablet device has outsold the launch of other devices and gadgets, including the first iPhone and the DVD player, tech news site Apple Insider reports.

McGranahan found that the original iPhone sold its first million units in the 74 days following its launch in the US market, while the DVD player sold 350,000 units in its debut year, 1997.

Apple’s tablet computer has managed to sell a million units in just 28 days. In its last statistics, Apple already revealed that it sold 3.27 million iPad units in first three months.

The analyst has predicted that the iPad is on its way to become the fourth largest electronic gadget in the United States, by surpassing most games consoles and mobile phones next year.

He predicts iPad sales to reach at least $9 billion in 2011.