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Apple Kicks BitTorrent App Out Of Store

The BitTorrent client, recently in the news for being approved by Apple's infamous application approval scheme, has been removed from the App Store.

The app's developer Derek Kepner tweeted from his account that Apple had removed the application from the App Store, and he did not expect the company to change its mind.

The IS Drive app allows users to manage downloads on their ImageShack account and also offers support for the paid ImageShack Drive service, which allows users to download torrent files to their ImageShack accounts.

The developer managed to sneak past Apple's stringent application approval process by avoiding the word 'BitTorrent' in the application submission process. The application was removed following the news coverage the app received.

Kepner explained that he got a call from an Apple representative who cited Section 22.4 of the App Store Review Guidelines that allows Apple to remove applications that allow users to illegally download files.

However, the developer maintains: “There are many legitimate uses for ImageShack Drive. I don't think it's fair to punish legitimate users for the actions of morons who think my app will help them pirate.”