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Apple spotted courting Tech Crunch blogger

Apple isn't exactly famous for its friendly attitude to writers outside of its own circle of tame hacks, but reports that the Cupertino company is courting at least one well-known tech blogger could be a foretaste of things to come.

An eagle-eyed Valleywag reader was sat in a Cupertino boozer last night when Tech Crunch's mobile editor wandered in closely followed by three Apple employees.

The unidentified mole said, "I'm at a restaurant/brewery called BJ's in Cupertino, which is pretty much right outside Apple HQ's front door. About one hour ago, three Apple employees came in. You can always tell because of the badges they wear on those extending cable things... What was weird was who joined them: Greg Kumparak, who writes for TechCrunch. Recognized him from his videos."

Kunmparak could well be looking for a new role and he almost certainly won't be the only Tech Crunch hack to jump ship as the popular gadget site has recently been engulfed by media megacoroporation AOL.

The sneaky punter continues: "I could not hear what was going on, but about 10 minutes into the meal one of the Apple employees handed him a folder with an Apple logo on it. From what i've seen before, I'm almost certain this was an offer packet. They spent about 30 minutes talking about it. I could be wrong, but it really looked like Apple was trying to court him for a job."

Bringing someone with knowledge of the pains and pitfalls of writing about technology when companies like Apple refuse to even acknowledge the existence of the majority of outlets can only be a good thing as far as we are concerned. We hope Kumparak gets the gig, but even more we hope he remembers where he came from.

Kamparak sidestepped interrogation about being offered a position saying "a few inquiries have come my way in the past couple of days," and his current employer rolled out the usual platitudes about how great he is and how much he'll be missed, but we can't see too many web site hacks turning down an offer from Apple.

We're all available if you're reading this Steve! [Speak for yerself.. Ed.]