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Apple TV Available For Sale In The UK

The Apple TV, the tiny media streamer otherwise known as Steve Jobs' pet project, has gone on sale in the UK for £99 and should be available both instore and online.

The device, which not surprisingly is listed under the category iPod by Apple, comes with a 7 to 14 days shipping window for those looking to grab one.

The 2nd generation TV set top box weighs only 270g and you can easily fit six of them on a sheet of A4. You can connect it to the internet via Wi-Fi or through the peripheral's Ethernet port.

Users will be able to download content (SD or HD) via iTunes or stream content directly from their Mac or PC over Wi-Fi with higher quality content costing £4.49.

It comes with a HDMI port, a mini USB, optical I/O, a superbly crafted Aluminium remote control and has an integrated power supply.

A teardown of the device carried out by iSuppli showed that Apple spent around $62 to build the Apple TV, which means that, at least in the US, its margins must have been slim.

We've got one in the office as well with a full unboxing and review coming up very soon.