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Billion dollar Facebook spammer seeks movie deal

A Canadian accused of spamming by Facebook and fined nearly a billion dollars by a US court is trying to cash in on his infamy - by seeking a movie deal.

Quebec's Superior Court last week upheld a November 2008 US judgment against Montreal-based Adam Guerbuez, finding him guilty of sending out more than four million spam messages via Facebook offering penis enlargements, marijuana and pornography.

The $873 million fine handed down was the largest ever award under the US's federal 'Can Spam' anti-spam law.

Justice Lucie Fournier ruled that the earlier US judgment was enforceable, ordering Guerbuez to pay CDN$1.069 billion.

Funnily enough he's also been banned from using Facebook.

Guerbuez himself appears unrepentant. His personal blog is filled with photos of the spammer living it up in Las Vegas and Beverley Hills - and even posted an entry in his blog to celebrate being featured in the 2010 Guinness Book of Records for his unprecedented fine.

Seemingly not one to shy from publicity, Guerbuez is also calling for offers to turn his story into a book or movie:

"If you wish to discuss a book deal or film project, you can contact me as well."

Yet he insists he won't pay a penny to Facebook.

"I don't have to," he told news agency The Canadian Press in an interview on Tuesday.

"I officially declared bankruptcy and it was filed and put into effect over two months ago. This judgment was already deposed as part of the bankruptcy."

Guerbuez also alleges he had never publicly admitted sending the messages. His Canadian lawyer, Eric Potvin, said that the original US ruling had been granted by default because Guerbuez didn't present a defence.

Facebook reported that it was reviewing the Canadian ruling, but said in a statement: "We're confident that the previous ruling will act as a powerful deterrent against those who would abuse Facebook."