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Cryptome hacked, contents deleted

Whistleblowing website was hacked on Saturday and all of the 54,000 files it hosted were deleted.

The site, which is run by civil liberties activist John Young, is a bit like WikiLeaks without the notoriety.

Young said a Cryptome email account at Earthlink was accessed "by unknown means" and its access password changed.

Using the email address the attacker was able to prise information out of Network Solutions and access the management account.

"All 54,000 files (some 7GB) were deleted and the account password changed," according to the statement. Most of the deleted files were restored from a backup, although the previous couple of days' worth were lost.

Wired said it had been contacted by a hacker claiming responsibility for the attack.

He said two intruders from the group Kryogeniks breached the site and gained access to secret files and emails. said it could not confirm the identity of the hacker, who asked to be identified as 'Ruxpin' or 'Xyrix', but was able to show John Young evidence that suggested their correspondent had seen Cryptome's back end.

Cryptome claims Wired knows more than it is letting on and has a pop at the site, and its reported, here.