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Google Asks Court To Dismiss Oracle Java Patent Case

Google has asked a court to dismiss a patent infringement case filed against it by Oracle.

In August, enterprise software maker Oracle filed a lawsuit against Google, claiming that Google's Android OS infringed on seven Java patents, the technology it got from the acquisition of Sun Microsystems.

Google said in a court filing that the Android OS was clear of every Java patent infringement claim made by Oracle, and has accused the company of being ignorant to the open source community.

“Google further specifically denies that Oracle is entitled to any relief whatsoever of any kind against Google as a result of any act of Google or any person or entity acting on behalf of Google,” Google's court filing stated.

The internet search giant also added that previously Oracle had asked Sun Microsystems to open-source Java, but it later changed its stance after it acquired the technology.

“[Oracle has] ignored the open source community’s requests to fully open-source the Java platform,” Google claimed.