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Google Commerce Search Watch Online Video here

Google Commerce Search is a new tool brought to us by the Google team.

This time it’s a Search engine for online shoppers.

This is a useful tool for users who are searching for a specific product making their online retail experience much faster, its contains automatic spellcheck, stemming, and advanced synonym options meaning shoppers will find what they're looking for - fast.

Google speed, search quality, and query auto-completion helps users to find relevant products.

This tool will insure that the increased seasonal query volume won't erode the quality of your product search experience, so you can spend less time and money on capacity planning around these peaks.

With the Google commerce merchandising dashboard, retailers can effortlessly customise the ranking of search results, filtering options, and promotions.

Retailers can also automatically generate groups based on the Customers matching items, such as category, brand and price.

Easy to manage product promotions give marketers and site administrators complete control with guaranteed top search result promotions or a targeted boost for specific products, vendors, or product categories within search results.

No coding is required, and a simple dashboard allows you to set start and end dates for each promotion.

You can customise the option for your online store freely, it is absolutely simple to deploy as all hosting is managed by Google, and last but not least Google allows you to connect it to the advanced reporting tool and Google analytics to monitor your sites activity.