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Google removes BETA tag from Chrome 6

Google has released the version 6.0.472.63 of its Chrome web browser.

The new version is the most polished version of Google Chrome to date, allowing the public to access modern web technologies like HTML5 on legacy browsers for Windows, Linux and Mac.

This version can now be obtained from the Google chrome website. (

The people currently using the Beta version will be automatically updated to it over the next few days.

Last June, the Google team set aggressive goals for the speed and stability of the browser before delivering a stable channel release version 6.0.472.63.

Google users asked for increased speed and a reduction in the number of crashes.

After months of hard work and polishing, Google claims that Chrome now starts three times faster on the latest Windows Operating Systems, such as Windows Vista and Windows 7. Most of the common problems they were experiencing with third party plug-ins have also been fixed.