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Apple's iPad is fastest seller since DVD

The iPad is quickly becoming the fastest selling piece of consumer electronics to hit the market since the DVD player.

According to a report on CNBC, analysts at Bernstein Research have come up with some interesting data on the iPad thanks to the 3.5 million units it sold in the first 80 days (shaming even the iPhone).

The iPad is expected to sell 4.5 million units per quarter, while the iPhone sells a mere 1 million units per quarter. If it keeps up with projections, the iPad will have a higher uptake than even the most successful gaming consoles.

The cherry on top of the cake for Apple is that the iPad is fast overtaking the highest adopted non-phone consumer electronic product: the DVD player, which sold 350,000 units during its launch year.

What is boggling number crunchers is how a device, which was largely seen as a 'no-go' by the rest of the industry, has turned into such a big sales hit with consumers. The iPad risks becoming not just a product, but a product-class of its own, grabbing the number 4 slot in the CE devices ranking just below TVs, smartphones and notebook PCs.

The numbers crunched by Bernstein Research also reveal that the iPad, being the jack-of-all-trades commodity that it is, is eating into netbook, digital camera and TV sales. It is also affecting the outlook on Microsoft's performance this year as Windows is sidelined in favour of other operating systems such as iOS and Android - which would explain why Steve Ballmer recently blurted out that there would be Windows tablets out by year's end.

It didn't stop Microsoft from being downgraded by Goldman Sachs, though.