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Microsoft Willing To Work With Motorola On Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has said that it would gladly collaborate with Motorola for the Windows Phone 7 operating system, if the mobile giant is interested in doing so.

Speaking at a conference organised by Germany's BitKOM, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said that it would collaborate with anyone willing to work with the company on its Windows Phone 7 platform when asked if Microsoft planned to rope-in Motorola as one of the hardware partners for its upcoming mobile OS.

He said: “We are always exited to collaborate with anybody who wants to collaborate with us.”

Motorola is currently using Google's Android mobile operating system following the success of its Droid smartphone, which has turned around its dwindling fortunes in the mobile phone market.

Another factor which may prevent a Motorola-Microsoft collaboration is Microsoft's lawsuit against Motorola.

However, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha said that Motorola could still work with Microsoft on Windows Phone 7, despite the patent infringement lawsuit.