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Opera Launches Open Mobile Ad exchange

Opera has rolled out its Open Mobile Ad Exchange, a cloud-based mobile browser advertising platform designed for use with its popular Opera Mini mobile internet browser.

The Open Mobile Ad Exchange, which Opera hopes to make available for other mobile web browsers as well, will work by allowing advertisers, advertising agencies and other ad networks to embed JavaScript into the web pages that Opera Mini serves to users.

The ad will not appear on the Opera Mini user interface itself, however, but will only display the page contents.

Opera is touting the new mobile ad platform as a "network of networks" as it is open to other mobile ad networks as well.

According to Opera, its Opera Mini web browser has a massive 66.5 million global user base, something which could help it to rake in money from the lucrative mobile advertising business.

The Open Mobile Ad Exchange has been developed using the technology Opera acquired when it purchased mobile advertising firm AdMarvel back in January.