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Panasonic Jungle Slammed By Analysts

Panasonic’s attempt to take the video gaming market by storm after nearly two decades has been slammed by market analysts.

The hand held games console, the Jungle, has received criticism from multiple industry analysts, as many believe that the console may not even achieve minimal success, reports the Independent.

David Cole, an analyst at DFC Intelligence has claimed the game will be a non-starter right at the beginning.

According to Cole, Panasonic does not have the titles and tools competitive enough to stand out against something like the PlayStation by Sony, while Jesse Divnich of EEDAR claims that Panasonic will fail at its software support section.

Another analyst Billy Pidgeon of M2 Research has stated: “The Jungle is a highly specialised dedicated portable for a non-existent market. Frankly, this looks like a non-starter."

Colin Sebastian of Lazard Capital Markets believes that the Panasonic device may already be a failure at launch unless it can provide gamers with something new and appropriate enough to lure them to buy it.