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Skype comes to Android

Popular Voice over IP client Skype has just arrived for the Google Android OS, on versions 2.1 of the platform onwards.

The software can be downloaded from the Android Market and allows for free VoIP Skype to Skype calls, with the ability to send and receive instant messages over both WIFI and also a 3G connection.

It is also possible to make calls to landlines and mobile phones that aren't on Skype, by first buying credit at a competitive rate along with having those non-Skype users get in touch through a fixed Skype phone number.

The mobile version mirrors the desktop computer based version of the software, by syncing-up the contact list and mimicking to a degree the same user experience.

Skype mobile is available for the iPhone, Symbian, and also BlackBerry platforms where it's taken sometime to arrive on Android and now older devices are left out as a higher processing might is needed.

The company has noted it's been thoroughly tested on both HTC and Motorola devices with positive results, although they mentioned some compatibility issues with Samsung's Galaxy S where they're looking to resolve them soon.

Skype for Android can be downloaded for free from, or the usual Android Market place although Skype can only be used over WIFI in the USA or not through cellular means.

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