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T-Mobile & Orange Merge Network Coverage

Everything Everwhere, the combined entity made up of T-Mobile and Orange, has taken another next step in the announced merger of the two mobile network operators as they have started to share their networks.

The two brands continue to coexist separately (ed : divide and rule) but in the backend, things have started to move swiftly.

The 30 million or so customers of both companies will be receiving better coverage since they will be able to roam on both network for free although they will have to opt in (Orange customers here, T-Mobile customers here (opens in new tab)).

According to T-Mobile the coverage will be limited to 2G for now which means that it is best used for talking and texting but not for mobile broadband.

Mobile phones might also warn their users about the network switch and possible charges but both companies confirm that they will only pay UK charges.

More importantly though, Orange and T-Mobile customers will still have to pay to call people on the other network even if, in theory, they're now part of the same company.

Everything Everywhere announced last week that it will be reducing its workforce by another 1200 on top of the 2500 jobs that have already been cut.

Désiré Athow
Désiré Athow

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