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Teenager banged up for withholding encryption key

A teenager has been jailed for four months for refusing to divulge his password to the Old Bill.

Oliver Drage, 19, of Freckleton, Lancashire, was arrested in May last year by cops who susupected he'd been downloading child porn.

They confiscated his computer but were foiled by the 50-character encryption key Drage had applied to the hard disk.

The iPlod then formally asked the suspect for his encyption key, and when he told them to go fly a kite he was charged under the dodgy provisions of Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (Grim RIPA) of 2000.

Last month, he was convicted and sentenced to 16 weeks in a Young Offenders Institution.

According to the Press Association officers are still trying to crack the encryption. The silly sods.