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Western Digital outs 3 Terabyte USB 3.0 drives

Western Digital has joined the 3 Terabyte club with latest offering in its My Book Essential external hard drive range.

The My Book, which as its name suggests is designed to sit inconspicuously on a book shelf, previously offered 1TB and 2TB models which have now been joined by a bigger sibling boasting 3 Terabytes of storage.

All now offer Superspeed USB 3.0 capable of chucking data about at 5 gigabits per second and come with WD Smartware software which can cope with continuous automatic back-ups.

WD reckons all of the USB 3.0 drives in the refreshed My Book and My Passport ranges will now copy a two-hour HD video in around three minutes.

They come in a range of fancy colours and sizes, offer password protection, and will work out of the box on all flavours of Windows (but will require OSX users to reformat).

No UK prices have been announced as yet but the 3TB monster, which let's face it is the only one we're really interested in, is selling in the US of A for a smidgen under $250.