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Windows Phone 7 gets Spotify

Seattle based software developer Microsoft has unveiled the music streaming service Spotify has come to Windows mobile OS, for both Windows Phone and Windows Phone 7.

Spotify has just launched on Windows Phone 6, where it's now downloadable from the Windows Marketplace with the Windows Phone 7 version being available in due course.

The upcoming version of Spotify will be redesigned from the ground up to fit in more with the new platform, plus a theme that matches Windows Phone 7.

Spotify is an unlimited streaming music service with access to millions of tracks, for both the desktop and mobile devices which is paid for by adverts - although a premium paid for service is on offer with no ads at all, which unfortunately is needed for the Windows Phone versions.

The Windows Phone 6 variant includes features such as, the capability to stream the music over both WiFi and 2.5/3G connections, with all pre-existing playlists being available for the mobile. There is also the ability to listen to tracks and albums in their entirety, along with rewinding, fast-forwarding, pause and shuffle - whilst off-line too, with no connection present.

The Spotify application is already available for the iPhone, Android, Symbian and now Microsoft Windows Phone run devices.

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