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Apple Could Sell 11 Million iPads This Year, Analysts Predict

Apple will sell at least 11 million iPads by the end of 2010, market analysts have predicted.

According to Fox News, analysts at a number of market research firms have predicted that Apple will sell more than 11 million units of its tablet device by the end of this year.

While rival electronics giants, including Samsung, Toshiba, Dell, HP, are gearing to launch their versions of a tablet computer in 2011, Apple is expected to remain consistent and grow to sell 11 to 12 million units of its iPad in 2010 and reach up to 20 million next year.

Fox News reports that the trend in iPad sales are of a contrast to laptop and notebook sales, which have slowed considerably since the beginning of the year.

Analysts at NPD Group highlighted the 12.3 per cent hike in the sales of laptops and notebooks in first two quarters of the year, while only one per cent fall was reported in August. Chip giant AMD added to the warnings about low laptop and notebook sales for the third quarter.

Market research firm Gartner also predicted low sales of laptops, as it stated that average global sale of laptop has fallen by six per cent to $668 million from $710 million last year.