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Asus outs toughened X58 Sabretooth mobo

Asus has knocked up a new heavy-duty motherboard based on the Intel X58 chipset

It's called the Sabertooth X58 but we prefer the moniker Sabretooth, as we don't hail from an upstart country populated by folk from the homeland who couldn't get a job or spell proper.

The board fits into Asus' line of TUF (geddit?) 'ruggedised' boards - the type that shouldn't bend in half when you try and clip the cooler onto the processor, which does make it fairly unusual.

Asus said the range provides "uncompromised (sic) durability and the utmost reliability to users who demand 24/7, high-intensity usage". So you should be able to get your money back if it breaks.

The outfit says it uses a "revolutionary ceramic application on vital motherboard surfaces and components to ensure unrivalled heat resistance and dissipation." It calls this the CeraM!X Heatsink Coating Technology.

It's scary how manufacturers whiffle on about these things as if they're flogging skin cream or hair conditioner to suckers. Because you're worth it.

Rather than regurgitate any more unverifiable marketese we'll just serve up the specs:

And a nice pic...