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Best and worst UK broadband areas outed

The UKs best and worst places to live if you want a decent Internet connection have been exposed by a broadband speed survey.

The research, which was conducted by Broadband Expert, found that the best place to live in the UK in terms of average speed is Liverpool with an average speed of 7.72 Mbps.

The denizens of Dumfries will have to wait substantially longer for their downloads clocking up just 2.89 Mbps on average.

The speed data from nearly 50,000 connections was collated between March and August this year and shows that there is no north/south divide when it comes to Internet speeds. In fact, some towns which are less than 50 miles apart offer variances of more than 3Mbps.

The figures probably show that a sparsely-populated areas have lower Internet speeds because houses are further away from the exchanges which serve them.

For your edification, here are the top and bottom tens: