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BT Cornish Super-fast Broadband Project Backed By Eclipse Internet

A small Internet service provider (ISP) in Cornwall has welcomed BT’s plan to connect the area with its fibre optic broadband.

Eclipse Internet, a small business in Cornwall, has claimed that the fibre optic broadband connectivity will prove to be beneficial for its customers, reports tech news website Cable.

The UK’s leading telephony and broadband service provider BT, in September, entered a deal with the Council of Cornwall to connect at least 80 to 90 per cent of businesses and homes with its fibre optic broadband service by 2014.

Both have announced investments up to £132 million for the super-fast broadband project in the area.

"This news is very exciting for our customers as it will bring new commerce opportunities to the region," claimed Clodagh Murphy, director of the ISP Eclipse.

Murphy also said that super-fast broadband is necessary for small businesses like his own, which started nearly 15 years ago, to sustain in the growing technology and economic culture.

Ed Vaizey, communications minister of the country has also welcomed the new project.