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BT Ordered To Share Fibre Network With Rivals

UK telecommunications regulator Ofcom has ordered BT to share its fibre-optic infrastructure with its rivals to assist in speeding up the country-wide deployment of super-fast broadband networks.

Under the latest Ofcom directive, BT is required to share its fibre optics network, along with underground ducts and telegraph poles to allow competitors to form their own broadband network.

The regulator said that the move will aid the government's plans of bringing 2 Mbps broadband speeds to every UK household by 2015.

Ofcom has allowed BT to set its own prices for firms wanting to use its network.

The regulator told BBC News: “In areas where BT invests in fibre, the remedies will enable other providers to offer competing services, based on BT's facilities.”

One of the first UK ISPs to offer broadband services based on BT's network will be TalkTalk, which added that Ofcom will have to further fine-tune its decision.

BT, on the other hand, welcomed Ofcom's decision and said that it had already began the process of sharing its infrastructure with rivals.