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Canonical announces Ubuntu Linux update

Canonical has announced that it will release the latest version of the Ubuntu Linux distribution on Sunday.

That might seem like an odd day to push a major iteration of the popular Open Source operating system, when most Linux users are in church (probably), but there is method in the madness... from a marketeering point of view at least.

Version 10.10 will be released on the 10th day of the 10th month of 2010. We wouldn't put it past them to push the big green 'GO' button at 10am.

Focused on home and mobile computing users, Ubuntu 10.10 introduces an array of online and offline applications to Ubuntu Desktop Edition with a particular focus on the personal cloud according to Canonical.

There's also a Netbook Edition with an all-new desktop interface called ‘Unity’ - specifically tuned for smaller screens and computing on the move.

“Ubuntu 10.10 for desktops and netbooks is our most consumer-friendly release yet,” said Jane Silber, CEO of Canonical. “Ubuntu One’s personal cloud services will put Ubuntu at the heart of many users’ computing worlds even when they need or prefer to use other platforms. Unity has the opportunity to change how we think about our use of computers and the Software Centre will bridge Ubuntu with the applications users need to switch to the world’s best OS.”

Ubuntu One Basic will be available free of charge and provides a personal cloud for sharing and syncing files, contacts, bookmarks and notes, with 2GB of free storage, access to music from the integrated store and (new in 10.10) a beta client for Windows allowing users to integrate their Windows and Ubuntu worlds.

As part of the $40 per year Ubuntu One Mobile service, applications are now available for Android and iPhone so users can stream their music collections from their personal cloud to their mobile devices and synchronise contacts. 20GB blocks of additional storage can be purchased if needed.

If you cant wait till Sunday, the release candidate is here.