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Coradiant pushes web application monitoring

Anticipating a boom in demand for web application performance management services, San Diego-based outfit Coradiant is expanding its European operations with an office in Windsor.

The office opened in January and now boasts a heady headcount of four. The outfit can now boast a 400 per cent growth rate in the first nine months of operations - if you measure things, um, properly.

Richard Bayton, senior director of sales at Coradiant, told THINQ that while many firms are embracing web apps in a big way, many may have no clue how these apps may look to the client on the end of a fluctuating web connection.

Where ten years ago enterprises were delivering apps over their own infrastructure, the ubiquitous web is now where it's at.

"There's no point setting up a web business unless you monitor how you deliver apps to customers," said Bayton.

While firms delivering web applications may monitor what they pump out, most don't monitor what is delivered at the other end of the pipe, which is is where Coradiant's expertise lies, says Bayton.

"With handheld devices everybody has a way of communicating to the web. We look at application delivery from a customer perspective."

Bayton says Coradiant monitors web communications from a passive viewpoint. It is not part of the network so it monitors without overhead, he said.

Applications may suffer from poor performance across the web itself and delivery may vary from device to device which is why it is crucial to monitor performance from en end-user perspective.

Coradiant's Windsor office will provide additional support to complement its existing office in the Netherlands.

The College of Law uses Coradiant's TrueSight product to monitor end users’ interaction with the college’s websites for e-learning purposes

“With close to 10,000 students accessing our website for everything from downloading instructors’ videos to i-Tutorials to selecting and paying for courses, it is important that our sites be performing well beyond expectations,” said Nick Galt, director of IT at The College of Law. “Coradiant identifies issues that end users are experiencing and allows us quicker response times in correcting those incidents. Being able to work with them in real-time will create a swifter resolution to issues that arise.”

“The partnership with Coradiant provides us with a strong technology platform to enhance the fidelity of our web application performance management,” said Alan Hall, managing director of SCL.