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Europe tops global spam list

A global threat report published by insecurity outfit Trend Micro says that Europe has passed the Americas and Asia to become Spam Central.

More spam is now produced in Europe than in any other continent but surprisingly, only four per cent of it is porn.

It seems that the spammers have been forced to rethink their modus operandi because of the veritable tsunami of 'legitimate' porn available on the Internet and are now targetting our innate hypochondria rather than our rampant libidos.

Commercial scams based on health and medical issues now represent as much as 65 per cent of the spam generated throughout the world as anyone who is constantly reminded he has a small dinkle and should jolly well do something about it will attest.

The Trend Micro Global Threat Report (PDF), which takes data from the first half of 2010, also says that HTML spam is now the most common malware technique, with infected web sites growing from 1.5 billion in January to 3.5 billion in June.

Trojans top that chart, accounting for about 60 per cent of the total threat with back door malware and spyware coming second and third.

As far as the victims are concerned, educational institutions have become the hardest hit with schools and colleges taking a massive 50 per cent of the reported infections. Government and tech industry were next on the list at just ten per cent each.