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iPhone 5 will be unlike iPhone 4

Apple is busy beavering away on designs for a fifth-generation iPhone, which will look quite different from the iPhones we've seen so far, according to a snippet in a report in the Wall Steet Journal.

Some bloke a Journal hack spoke to said the iPhone 5 would be a "different form factor" to those currently available.

The Journal said the bloke was familiar with Apple's plans but declined to name him. Since this is the Wall Street Journal we might assume the deep throat had the Jobsian blessing to start dropping hints about a next-generation phone, just to keep the hyperbole simmering.

The snippet appeared in a report burbling on about how US network operator Verizon Wireless would get to flog an iPhone 4 for its CDMA network. So far AT&T has had the iPhone tightly stitched up to its cells.

Apple CDMA version of the gadget will apparently be available in the first quarter of next year.

According to the yarn, Verizon has been adding capacity to networks as iPhoneys use their holy handsets more than mere mortals.

Referring to Apple, but declining to comment on bagging a CDMA handset deal, Verizon Communications' president Lowell McAdam said: "At some point our business interests are going to align."

The report reckons the CDMA iPhone is being made Asus subsidiary Pegatron Technology Corp. Pegatron hasn't yet installed nets to catch suicidal employees jumping from its roofs and windows.