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Meyer denies AMD is up for sale

Chip design outfit AMD is definitely not up for sale. No sir-ee.

The boards haven't gone up and the estate agents haven't been round writing fanciful cobblers about a bijou, fabless chip company with panoramic views of the Texan plains - on a good day if you stand on tip-toes and look out the right window.

However, if some schmuck with a few billion weighing down his trousers should come a sniffing round, who knows what might happen, CEO Dirk Meyer told a press conference in Barcelona yesterday. He didn't mention Larry Ellison once.

"AMD is not for sale, but we are happy to listen to any proposal which is in the interest of our shareholders," is what he actually said, according to Reuters.

Heavy-trousered Ellison piped up last week about some cunning plan he had for Oracle that might include buying up a chip maker. AMD used to make x86 chips but gave that up in favour of a cushier desk job. Hatchet man Hector Ruiz put paid to its long manufacturing history when he single-handedly carved up the company and flogged its fab to oil sheiks.

For some reason, some analysts thought Ellison might have his eye on AMD, hence the question.