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Sony Restricts Netflix From Accessing Some Films For 28-Days

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has revamped its deal with Netflix by imposing a 28-day restriction on selected DVD titles from appearing on Netflix's online rental catalogue following their release to market.

The move will allow Sony to boost the DVD sales as buyers will rush to purchase the DVDs of their desired films instead of renting them online via Netflix.

One of the first films set to be affected by this new scheme is the blockbuster 'The Karate Kid', which stars Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith.

Sony may extend the 28-day restriction to all newly released DVD titles, but will stick to a few titles whilst it analyses the market impact of the move.

However, according to ABC News, Sony has not imposed the scheme on Netflix rival Redbox.

Other home entertainment firms belonging to heavy-weight Hollywood production houses like Fox, Warner Brothers and Universal, already have their own 28-day restrictions for Netflix. They have also imposed the same rules on Redbox, unlike Sony.