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Windows Phone 7 Will Fail, Gartner Predicts

Industry experts have slammed Microsoft’s forthcoming Windows Phone 7 mobile phone OS, claiming that they are confident that the platform will be a failure.

Market experts and analysts at research firm Gartner have stated that the Windows Phone 7 mobile platform will not have any impact upon Microsoft’s share in the smartphone operating system market, Into Mobile reports.

According to the news published by tech news site Information Week, in a new reports, analysts at Gartner have predicted that Microsoft’s attempt to grab smartphone OS market share will flounder.

“Gartner predicts the release of Windows Phone 7 will help bump Microsoft's share of the worldwide market from 4.7 per cent in 2010 to 5.2 per cent in 2011, but it will ultimately decline to just 3.9 per cent by 2014.” the website read.

The report has predicted that Nokia’s Symbian will remain at top in 2014 with at least 32 per cent share, a few steps ahead of Google’s Android which will shoot up to 29.6 per cent.