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World of Warcraft claims 12 million souls

Massively addictive multi player game World of Warcraft has passed another milestone on its journey to become the most played computer game of all time.

Game maker Blizzard has announced that it is now stopping 12 million unfortunate souls from living a normal life with the game which has gained the nickname Warcrack amongst those players who have escaped its evil clutches.

The recent boost in the active player roster is largely due to the official release of the game's second major expansion, Wrath of the Lych King, in mainland China. We dread to think what the total figure would be if you were to count the number of people playing the home-wrecking fantasy game on illegal private servers, many of which are hosted in the populous republic.

The subscription game, which sees players carrying out quests in a massive fantasy world populated by orcs, humans and the undead, is expected to receive another massive boost to player numbers when the next paid-for instalment, Cataclysm, is released on December 7th.

At least one fanatical player is reported to have died after spending 50 hours playing the game without eating or drinking. The Korean man succumbed of a heart attack brought on by dehydration, starvation and over-orcing.