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Doctor Who games launch November 12th

The highly-anticipated (it says here) video games based on the BBC series Doctor Who have today been confirmed for release on Friday 12th November 2010.

Developer Asylum Entertainment was licensed by BBC Worldwide to make games for popular kids' gaming platforms and the results are Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth for Nintendo DS and Doctor Who: Return to Earth for Wii.

The games feature the eleventh Doctor, who is played by Matt Smith whilst Karen Gillan plays his Companion Amy 'Duck' Pond

The Nintendo DS version takes players on a mission to recover the TARDIS after a solar storm while the adventure game on Wii includes two types of mini-game that make use of the Wii's waggling-about-in-mid-air technology.

Doctor Who is officially the world’s longest-running science fiction series having been on and off the box since 1963.

Asylum Entertainment's recent releases include the the first Horrid Henry video game and a Peppa Pig romp which has sold over 300,000 copies in the UK.