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HTC launches online portal

Mobile phone manufacture High Tech Computer Corporation has launched an online portal to complement their Sense overlay to Android, under the name of

The service was announced at the same London event where the HTC Desire HD and Desire Z were also unveiled for the first time. offers a variety of services from the website for HTC handsets, such as the locating of a phone by forcing the mobile to ring loudly and even when it's set to silent. It is also possible to locate the phone on a web based map, from inside of the portal itself.

Other features surround remotely locking the phone if completely lost, then forwarding on calls and texts to another phone and remotely wipe the mobile of all personal data - just in case it's completely irretrievable.

The HTC portal also holds a backup of all text messages, both sent and received to be restored to the lost phone when it's been replaced by another mobile which ensures a seamless migration to a new handset.

The abilities of this portal have been a feature of Motorola's own online companion to the MotoBlur Android overlay since 2009, only with a lot more added functionality coming from Moto. is only available for the upcoming HTC Desire HD and Desire Z handsets, although we are hoping at One Mobile Ring this will come to older mobile devices of theirs.

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Rob Kerr
Rob Kerr

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